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Broken Branches Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten
“The problem is not that you are slow.  It is that you are quick to lock onto one way of looking at something while ignoring all of the other possibilities.”

Yeah, my guide was visibly back and speaking to me in an audible voice again.  I also noticed that I was no longer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“Where am I?”

“Heaven, and you have been also brought more than a thousand natural years into the future, after Judgment Day.”

“No, really?”

“Yes, really.  I would not joke about this place.”

I took a moment to absorb the surrounding atmosphere, and all doubts of where I was floated away.  For it was like love was in the air (despite not being quite sure of actually breathing) and joy, such incredible joy.  It seemed to radiate from every molecule for as far as I could see.

Oh, and there was so much more than just a feeling going with me.  For I could see several groups of people milling about, and they all appeared to be so very happy.

I also saw a litter of calico-colored kittens crawling all over the back of a full-grown Bengal tiger.  Elephants were trumpeting, and donkeys were braying.  Yorkie (Yorkshire terrier) puppies were dancing under the bellies of adult Great Danes, and teacup poodles were playing tug-of-war with pit bulls.  Bo and Luke (my beloved Australian shepherds) came zipping past while being chased by several very young Hereford calves.  Yes, I even saw lions lying down with lambs!

What I did not see was the city described in the Bible.  For we appeared to be out in a field of lush grass with all kinds of trees shooting up toward the sky here and there.

I also did not see a visible sun, but there was light everywhere.  It was all so very delightful, and I wish I had the words to give a better description of what I was seeing and feeling.

“Come and follow me.  For there are some people I want you to see again.”


My guide did not answer my question, and we walked up to a group of people in silence.  I soon started recognizing some familiar faces.  For there was Saul, Philip and Fatima, along with all of their children (except for Hannibal).  Claire was also there, as were Miles, Maria and all of their children (including Angus).  Starling, White Grass, Juanita, Tomas and Sarah, Billy, Suzanne, and a bunch of others I did not recognize made up the rest of the group.

With a look of great concern upon his face, my guide asked me, “Do you need some more time to figure it out?”

“Oh, so you will not make jokes about this place, but it is all right to make fun of me?”

With an impish grin, he replied, “I pick my spots.  So, do you get it yet?”

“Except for a few I am not familiar with, they are all branches of the same family tree I belong to.”

“The unfamiliar ones are your children and grandchildren through all of the rest of the generations.  Your wife and mother of your children has been hidden from your sight at this time.”

My head started spinning from seeing my children, grandchildren and the rest when I did not even have a steady girlfriend at the time of my departure from my previous existence—not to mention having no knowledge of any children I might have had.  My guide just made it worse when he added, “More than that, they all chose to be mine in spite of what I had subjected them to while they were still part of the natural realm.  For this they will spend all of eternity with me, here in my kingdom, as heirs to all that is mine in glory.”

“Your kingdom?  Who are you?”

“As before, I am now appearing to you as Jesus.  When I talk to you through your thoughts, I am being my Holy Spirit, but you have always seen me as the Lord God Almighty—even though you did not recognize me.  For all of creation is an extension of myself.”

Needless to say (I would hope) it was all so very overwhelming.  Dizzy does not even come close to describing how I was feeling.  Then I felt a surge of inner strength, and I waited for him to say more.

He continued with, “I assured you in Moldova that there would come a time when all of your questions would be answered.  Now is the time.”

So, I proceeded to ask my questions, and he did not hesitate to answer them.  The following serves as a written account of that session, and I hope you are not as slow as I can be at times.  For I would like to dispense with identifying who said what in order to better represent the flow of the conversation—not to mention the flood of information he provided.

“Why did you send me on such a journey?”

“You have always wanted to know from where you came from in a natural sense, and I wanted you to actually see back to the time of Asher and Saul.  There was not all that much to show of the previous generations that would have been of benefit to you.  So, I skipped ahead.”

Speaking of Jasher, where is he?”

“He was cast into the Lake of Fire on Judgment Day.  For he refused to accept me as being his Messiah.”

“And Saul made the cut?”

“This coming from a good Southern Baptist?”

“Okay, I suppose once saved/always saved applies to all situations, but surely he was never saved or he would not have done such evil things.”

“Once saved/always saved is a false doctrine as you were taught it.  Nonetheless, if all was as it naturally seemed to be, Saul would not have had a place in my Kingdom, but he responded very well when I approached him again in the form of my Holy Spirit while he was taking his last breath in the natural realm.”

“Why would you do that?  Had he not made it quite clear that he no longer wanted to be known as a Jew, and by doing so, was he not also saying that he no longer wanted to be known as one of yours?”

“Saul was actually a member of the tribe of Dan.  Hmm, is it not amazing that your initials are D.A.N.?  In regards to his rejection of me, he had never really known me.  So, how could he have truly rejected me?  When I introduced him to who I really am, he changed his mind about wanting to be one of mine and embraced me with all of his heart.”

“He sent his wife and babies to be burned alive!”

“I only did for Saul what I have done for all who had not yet fully accepted everything I wanted them to while they were still part of the natural realm.  For I have always wanted as many as would just want to spend all of eternity with me to actually spend all of eternity with me.”

“Yeah, when one is faced with a choice between that and being cast into the Lake of Fire, who would chose the latter?”

“At the end of my thousand-year open reign over the natural realm, half of the people on earth still rejected me and my ways.”

“Still, when you approach people when they are literally at death’s door, who would not chose Heaven over Hell?”

I search the heart, and it is not enough just to want to be saved from being cast into the Lake of Fire.  Neither is it enough just to want to go to Heaven.  For what I have always wanted is for as many as would to want to be truly mine—not just bask in my glory, and this involves giving me the full benefit of their considerable doubts.”

“What doubts?  Surely there could no longer be any lingering doubts abut your existence after you approach someone just before they physically die?”

“Alas, the hardness of far too many hearts was indeed exceedingly great.  For a very, very great many still wanted to cling to what they wanted to believe before instead of just humbly accepting what I was telling them at the time.”

“What were you telling them that could be so hard to accept?”

“Well, in Saul’s case, I pointed out to him that I could have created him to be a member of another race.  Moreover, I could have made it to where he would have never known hatred.  I also revealed to him that I was more responsible for all of his actions (including even his truly atrocious ones) than he was.  For there was nothing good about him apart from me, which was and is still true of all mankind, and while he was studying the Zohar, I allowed a dark spirit to take possession of his mind, which resulted in him aligning himself with those who would do his family great harm.”

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?  Were you not cheating his babies out of living a life of their own?”

“The natural realm was never meant to last but for a little while in comparison to the whole of eternity.  Even before being created, each member of the human race was appointed a specific time to physically die.  No one could die before their time came, and when it was their time to die, there was no delaying it.  Look at that group of people over there.  Do you see those women holding babies?  Three of those babies are Saul’s daughters, and do they look like they have been cheated out of a thing? Do any of children in that group look like they have been cheated out of thing?  By the way, Billy’s brother and sister are also over there.

What I saw was several babies squealing with delight while their bellies were being blown on by those holding them and other adults milling about.  I also saw a crowd of both children and adults cheering wildly as some youngsters riding on the backs of ostriches raced against some old women riding on the backs of giant tortoises.  Suddenly, a game of tag broke out between some toddlers and some old men.  It was all truly a sight to behold.

“If it makes you feel any better, Saul’s daughters never felt the flames.”

“I have not seen Saul’s wife.  Is she here?”

“No, she was cast into the Lake of Fire.  For like Jasher, her devotion to religious traditions, which were actually doctrines of demons, was too great.”

“That is so very sad.”

“It is, indeed.  Do you see that lake over there?”  It holds the tears I have shed over mankind, but even greater is my joy over those who still wanted to be mine—despite all I subjected them to while they were in the natural realm.  I assure you that what you are now feeling is merely a small fraction of my boundless and everlasting joy.  I endured much, but it was well worth it.”

“Did you not have your own doubts in the past?”

“No.  For I have known since before the beginning of the natural realm what would be in the end of it.”

“What about when you said that you were sorry for making mankind during the time of Noah?”

“As with all of my Holy Scriptures, that was given for the benefit of all of mankind.  It was meant to serve as further evidence of the absolute truth of the matter truly being that the plan I set into motion long before I created mankind to live in the natural realm as they were was causing me much grief.  For I have never wanted to see the destruction of anyone, nor do I delight in punishing wickedness.  Nonetheless, it was all part of the price I was willing to pay to accomplish my purposes.”

“That is certainly different than what I was taught in church.”

“Yes, it was widely taught in my name that I am incapable of feeling true pain and certainly immune to the pain felt by mankind.  Brace yourself.  For I am about to give you a very small sample of what I was feeling while the natural realm existed.”


I could hear myself stammering, but I still felt numb from the shock of it feeling like every nerve in my body had just exploded.  I do not have the words to describe the intense pain and deep sorrow I felt.  Thankfully, it only lasted for the briefest of moments.  I suspect that I may have fainted, but I suppose it does not matter.  What does matter is that I will never again think that my Heavenly Father does not know how I feel.

“No, it is not at all true that I am incapable of feeling true pain, nor that I am immune to the pain felt by mankind.  For I felt every hurt and sorrow from the beginning of the natural realm until the end of it.”

“I can now understand why you dreaded going to the cross.”

“No, you really cannot.  For what I was feeling on a daily basis while the natural realm existed does not come even close to comparing to what I felt when I sent a full and equal part of myself to pay the price in full to redeem all of mankind from having to pay for all of their own sins.  For in order to fulfill the full requirements of the Law, I had to actually spiritually die, which meant being separated from the rest of myself, and it was during that period of separation that all three of us felt more anguish than we want anyone else to ever feel.”

“Could you not have just issued some sort of general pardon to mankind?  After all, it was your Law to begin with.”

“Yes, I could have simply waived the requirements of the Law, but in doing so, I would have been declaring that it was not worth upholding, which is far from the truth.  For the Law was given to help mankind understand that their natural ways were sinful and establish that there was a price to pay for sin.  Moreover, the Law was given to help prove that I loved all of mankind enough to die for them.  For with there being a need for a Savior, the stage was set for me to actually do it instead of just talking about it, and all who truly wanted to understand while they were in the natural realm found that my crucifixion was real—certainly not any sort of sleight of hand.  Nonetheless, the price I paid to bring my plan to fruition was well worth it, I assure you.”

“Just exactly what was your plan?”

“First of all, understand that I have never been in need of anything.  For I have always been absolutely complete in myself, but I wanted to receive a very special kind of love.  Mankind was created to live in the natural realm as they were to fulfill that desire.  There was no other need for mankind (nor the natural realm) to exist other than to fulfill that desire.  For I could have (just as easily) created mankind to exist in my Kingdom of Heaven as they now do to begin with.  In so doing, they would have been completely protected from suffering disease, feeling hunger and thirst, being too hot or cold, physical and mental weakness, fear and pain of any kind—even death, but that would have made it very easy for mankind to love me.  Whereas, it takes a very special kind of love to want to still be with someone when it appears that they are treating you badly.  There was much about the natural realm that appeared to be grossly unfair.  This was all by design—my design, to be exact.  For it made it harder for people to want to give me the full benefit of their considerable doubts.  The harder it was made on them, the harder it became for individuals to want to still be mine, but it made the love I was receiving from them all the more sweeter to me.”

“That makes you sound like a monster who receives pleasure from torturing innocents.”

“Yes, when what I have done is looked upon from the wrong perspective, it does look like I am some sort of monster, but when viewed through my eyes, what I have done is absolutely glorious.  For it is true that no member of the human race was given a choice of whether or not they wanted to exist in the first place—let alone into what circumstances they were physically born.  On the other hand, all who reached their own age of accountability were given a choice of who they wanted to belong to.  Furthermore, it was always part of my plan to pour out my gratitude upon all who would just want to be mine—despite all that I had subjected them to.  This I will do forevermore, I assure you.”

“What about the ones who did not reach their own age of accountability before they physically died?”

“It would not fulfill my purposes to force anyone to spend all of eternity with me in my Kingdom of Heaven as heirs to all that is mine in glory against their will.  So, everyone here can leave at any time they want to.  This includes all of the young children, as well as all of the aborted babies and those thought to have mental deficiencies—such as your natural parents, Billy and Suzanne.  Therefore, all truly are given a choice of where they want to spend all of eternity.”

“Speaking of parents, are my adoptive ones here?”

“Yes, and so is Oronatha and many others of their natural family tree.  After you are brought up here to stay, you will have plenty of time to have much fellowship with them all.”

“Getting back to you saying that everyone here is free to leave anytime they want to, who would do that?”

“Satan and his horde of rogue angels would have an answer.”

“What was the deal with them?”

“You actually worded that question quite correctly.  Although, Satan and the rest of the rebels were not willing participants in my plan.”


“Lucifer was created to be the highest among the angels, but he wanted to think of himself more highly than he should.  He even went so far as to think of himself as being equal to me, and he persuaded a third of the angels to follow him in a revolt against my authority.  Lucifer’s name was then changed to Satan, and he assumed the role of the devil.  All of his rogue angels assumed roles as demons, and the devil and his demons were cast out of my Kingdom of Heaven.  Some were made to await judgment in the bottomless pit, which is also known as Hell, while Satan and others were allowed to roam about.  This all happened before I created the natural realm.  When I created mankind, the devil and his remaining demons were made to make the sins of mankind all of the more egregious so that no man or woman could honestly believe that they were without sin and in no need of a Savior.  If the devil and his demons had not of been made to do this, they would have left mankind alone.”

“Was the dark spirit you allowed to take possession of Saul’s mind a demon, as were the dark spirits the Voodoo queen summoned?”


“Was she really able to summon and command them?”

“No.  Celestial beings (of both Light and darkness) only answer to me and those of their kind over them.”

“So, there never has been a battle between you and Satan over the souls of mankind?”

“No, but it was the work of Satan and his horde of rogue angels to lead people astray through lies and deceptions.  They were very good at it, as evidenced by it being so widely believed that I never meant for sin to enter into the natural realm.”

“Well, it makes sense.  After all, why would you create a perfect world only to have it be corrupted?”

“Yes, it naturally does, but there are four absolute truths about me that prove it as a lie.  The first truth is that I am all-powerful.  Nothing can happen unless I allow it to.  Therefore, it would have been impossible for Satan to deceive Eve in the Garden of Eden without my permission.  The second truth is that I am all-knowing.  I have always known everything there will ever be to know about everything.  Therefore, I knew all about what Satan planned to do long before he did it.  The third truth is that I am always-present.  I am everywhere, all of the time.  Therefore, I was actually there watching it all—from the planning stages completely through to the completion of the task.  The fourth truth is that I am perfect in all of my ways.  I do not make mistakes.  Therefore, sin entering into the natural realm could not have been a mistake.  It was also not a mistake to let Satan spread such lies.  For they helped to prove just how foolish mankind could naturally be.  For when confronted with the truth, a very great many still refused to believe it when it made more sense for them to want to believe the truth.  After all, if it was possible for me to make such a mistake, it could happen again, and if it could happen again, my promises concerning everlasting joy in my Kingdom of Heaven could be nothing more than merely wishful thinking on my part.”

“Does not letting sin enter into the natural realm make you the Author of sin?”

“No.  For in the same way as Adam was held responsible for the first sin, I am responsible for sin entering into the natural realm, but Adam did not actually commit the first sin, neither am I the Author of sin.  Along this same line, it is also not at all true that I created mankind to sin.  For I created mankind without the natural ability to be as perfect in all of their ways as I am perfect in all of my ways.  Since anything done not as perfectly as I would do it is sinful, mankind could not help but to sin, but there is a big difference between being created to sin and being created without the ability to not sin.  Neither is it true that every generation since Adam and Eve was born into sin.  For I did not hold sons and daughters accountable for the sins of their natural parents, but they did have to suffer the consequences of their natural parents sin in many cases.  For it was quite natural for people to think of children as being like their natural parents.  So, a child of a thief was often also treated like a thief—even when there were absolutely no indications of the child having such a tendency.  This was all part of the apparent gross unfairness to life in the natural realm, which was meant to make it harder for people to want to truly love me, and I will be pouring out my gratitude for all eternity upon all who wanted to give me the full benefit of their considerable doubts, as you are now experiencing a small part of.”

“Why did you choose to show and tell me all of this now?”

“Over the ages, I have allowed mankind to drift farther and farther away from me, and then I would choose a special messenger to help encourage as many as would to want to start truly having a very close and personal relationship with me while they were still part of the natural realm.  You are one of those chosen vessels.  Not many will accept the message during your remaining days in the natural realm.  For your primary calling is to help introduce me to those who fervently believe that they already know me well enough, and the hardness of their hearts is exceedingly great.  Alas, it grieved me deeply to know that they were very sincere in their beliefs.  I would see them spending long hours in serious study of my Holy Scriptures, but that did not serve as a substitute for truly having a very close and personal relationship with me.  My Holy Scriptures were given to serve as written confirmation of what I wanted to personally reveal to each and every individual, but they were very content with believing that I no longer sought to have direct interaction with mankind after the canon of Scripture was complete.  They would offer up prayers to me without having any expectation of me actually answering them—certainly not with my voice in any sort of way.  Therefore, even when they had a strong suspicion that I might be trying to get their attention and hold an actual conversion with them through their thoughts, most just assumed that their minds were playing tricks on them.  I would also see them faithfully attending church services to hear Scripture being preached, as well as participating in ministerial projects, but neither one of those things served as a substitute for truly having a very close and personal relationship with me.  Yes, the hardness of their hearts is exceedingly great, but the message will help to greatly comfort my children by faith during the time of the antichrist.  It is no different than what I have been saying to each and every person down through the ages,  For I was there actually talking to each and every individual from the womb to the tomb, but it helped to hear (or read) it being echoed by someone else from time to time.  Hence, the work of my special messengers, which you have been anointed to be one of.”

“Hey, I am also destined to become a father.  Would you let me see who the mother of my children is?”

“After I return you to your natural time and place, the woman who wants to hear about your time with me since you were placed on your journey will be the one you are to marry and have children with, and you will see her soon enough.”

“I must admit that I wish I could just stay here.”


That did not sound like it came from my Heavenly Father.  So, I snapped my head around to see who had said it, and I saw a lady scurrying out of the room and calling (quite loudly) for a doctor to come quickly.

A quick look around the room led me to conclude that I must be in a hospital.  For all sorts of wires were attached to my body and connected to machines surrounding the bed I was lying in.  When a whole herd of doctors and nurses came rushing into the room and started asking me how I felt, all doubts concerning where I was vanished.

Then I had a thought about this maybe being just another leg on my spiritual journey, but that possibility quickly went away when one of the doctors leaned close and told me, “You are back in your natural time and place.”  No, he was really not one of the doctors, and he vanished from my sight even before he had finished telling me what he did.

One of the actual doctors told me that he did not have an explanation for why there was not a scratch on my body—let alone why I was still alive after being airborne for over a thousand feet.  He went on to say that I had been found unconscious and lying on my back, with the debris from my pickup and trailer (along with the remains of the bulls I was taking down to Oklahoma) scattered a quarter of a mile in every direction.

When I asked him what the year was, he looked quite surprised and told me that it was 1984 and that it had been only around eight hours since I took flight off of Boston Mountain, with the exact time of my departure not yet determined by the Arkansas State Police.  It was my turn to look surprised before a thought about a day being like a thousand years and a thousand years being like a day drifted through my mind.  After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor left the room while shaking his head back and forth in a negative motion and mumbling that I should have at least a knot on my head.

The nurse who had first noticed me regaining consciousness came closer, and I was shocked at how much she looked like Claire.  That is, except for there being no sign of great fear (nor deep sorrow) in her gorgeous blue eyes.  When I saw that the name on her hospital identification tag was Claire, I started freaking out a little, but a very clear thought about there being no such thing as reincarnation calmed me right down.

A few seconds later, I could see on the monitor that my blood pressure was rising again.  This was from excitement, though.  For Claire had just told me that my brain activity had been higher than they could measure while I was unconscious, and then she asked me if could remember anything about what had been going on in my head while I was out.

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  1. Shadow

    Full Circle. Nicely done. You have a sure talent for tales! Seriously!

    Great read for a Monday morning just before a long weekend when procrastination is just the thing *grin*

  1. Jerry E Beuterbaugh

    Thanks for stopping by, my dear Shadow!!! Be assured that you taking the time to read and comment on this book means more to me than I have the words to properly express. I hope the day will soon come when you can see where the events of your life and the words you have to express your feelings are all of our Heavenly Father in the same way as the characters in this book. Dare I hope for you to someday read the two books ahead of this one on this site?

  1. Shadow

    Thank you Jerry, I've bookmarked them. I love how you write and how your mind works.

  1. Jerry E Beuterbaugh

    Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Shadow!!! Be assured that we have the same Source. Be also assured that there is Light to be found in the apparent darkness.