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Let Your Will Be Done Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven
I was still contemplating what the man meant by saying that my will would be done when I received the shock of my life.  Yeah, I know I have had several great shocks over the years, but this one was greater than all of them combined.  For I was sitting there in the snow looking up into the eyes of another version of myself, who appeared to be frozen in place, and the shock became even more intense when all of his memories started flooding into my mind.

My mind was literally reeling when I heard the man I had been talking to before and was still sitting beside me ask, “So, which one will it be?”

Being able to manage little more than a mumble, I responded with, “What are you talking about?”

“Which life do you want to finish living?”

“How long have I been here?”

“Not as long as you think.”

“A thousand years being as a day?”

“Something like that.”

When he saw my brow start to furrow, he almost shouted, “Really?  You are trying to do the math at a time like this?”

I must have cringed.  For he added in a much gentler tone, “If you insist, you have been sitting here contemplating for just a few minutes.”

“How is that possible?”

“Nothing is impossible for the Lord God Almighty to do.”

“Yes, and He did all of this to show me how things would go if I had my way about my life—right?”

“Yes, and how do you think it went?”

“Well, a lot of good was accomplished, but as far as the other version of me was concerned, our Heavenly Father had really nothing to do with it.”

“So, which life do you want to finish living?”

“Many who were first in this world will be last in the one yet to come is certainly prominent in my mind right now.”

“Yes, and many who were last will be first.  This does not mean that all will—either way,” added the man.

“Ah, but with me losing sight of the Truth and the other me never feeling a need to see Him, I do not see either life ending all that well in the way that really counts.”

“Is not the meaning of grace unmerited favor, and if so, why are focusing upon how you have failed to make some supposed grade?”

“Woe is me.  For even now, I am still flailing about.”

“Well, you have had a lot help with your flailing.”


“Look over your left shoulder and tell me if you see someone standing behind you now.”

I twisted around immediately and saw a man standing around five feet behind me.  It came as quite a surprise because I had no sense of him being there, but I managed to answer the last question posed to me with a rather meek, “Yes, I see him.”

“He is the demon assigned to exploit your natural weaknesses in order to make it easier for you to be led down a very dark path going farther and farther away from where you would be without his temptations.”

“But I should have known better.”

“That is exactly what Judas Iscariot said when he was offered grace sufficient enough to cover any sin but refusal to truly accept it.”

“Even after all of the evil I have harbored in my heart, you were sent to keep me from being tempted beyond what I could withstand.”

“Yes, and you still have not answered my question.”

“The one about which life I want to finish living?”

“Yes, that would be the one.”

“What will happen to the other me if I decide to stick with what I have here?”

“It will be as if he never existed.”

“What about his family, and all of the good that was done for so many during his life?”

The man could see that I was obviously quite shaken by his previous answer.  So, he put his hand upon my shoulder and answered in a very understanding voice, “It will be as if nothing in that life ever happened, and since it will be as if nothing in that life ever happened, no one will suffer any loss.”

“Okay, let him go.”

“Are you sure?  After all, who is to say whether Heaven or Hell awaits you?”

“My Heavenly Father is the One, and He is the One who went to the trouble of letting me actually see how my idea of a perfect natural life would turn out.  Why would He do that unless He still wants me to spend all of eternity with Him?”

“He could change His mind about that.”

“Yes, He could, and I certainly would not blame Him.  For I chose to selfishly feel sorry for myself in spite of knowing full well that my suffering in this world was meant for His glory and my ultimate good.  Even the physical death of my precious Jenny was meant as a reminder of what had been required of my namesake, as written about in Ezekiel 24:15-18—was it not?”

“Yes, it was.”

“And even if it was not, her early demise should have still been a great blessing to me.  For her suffering in this world was put to an end much sooner than it could have lasted, but I just wanted to focus upon how much I was being cheated while I was cheating the One who gave her to me in the first place out of the full measure of glory He so richly deserves to receive.  Yes, I have now seen my personal tormentor, and I do not entertain any delusions about being strong enough in myself to resist.  Nonetheless, I still chose to focus upon the mere appearance of things.  Yet, my Heavenly Father remained with me through it all, and is still with me.  How could I be talking like this if that was not true?”

After I stopped speaking, the other me and his Secret Service detail vanished from my sight in quite literally a twinkling of an eye.  Even their tracks in the snow vanished without a trace left behind of them ever being there.

“So,” I asked, “Can I go home to be with my precious Jenny again now?”

“I suppose it can be arranged,” the man answered, “But do you not think that a book about what you have just experienced would make for a fascinating read?”

“Who would want to read it?”

“More than you think.”

“Okay, I suppose I could tough it out for a little while longer,” I replied with a grin.  Ah, but with me being me, I just had to add, “Please forgive me, but I still wish I could see at least some of things accomplished during the other Zeke’s time as governor and president come to pass in this world.”

Much to my surprise, the man did not give me a disgusted look.  In fact, he told me in a very gentle tone, “Much of it will be, and there is nothing stopping some of it from happening in this day and age.  The rest of what is meant happen will have to wait until later on, with those things lasting for a thousand years.”

“Are you referring to the time of Christ Jesus’ open reign over this world?”

“I am.”

“By the way, I do not recall ever catching your name.”

“I am who I am,” He answered.  Then He also vanished from my sight.

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